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Privacy policy

We are very pleased about your interest in the Pediatric Exercise Oncology Congress. Data protection and privacy are very important for the Pediatric Exercise Oncology Congress ("PEO-C"). In this privacy policy we are using the following terms according to their definition in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): personal data, data subject, processing, restriction of processing, profiling, pseudonymisation, filing system, controller, processor, recipient, third party, consent, supervisory authority.

During a visit of our websites generally some personal data, for example the IP address of the computer system used, is stored in server log files. More information about this data can be found at Recording of general data and information. Insofar as a data subject wants to make use of special services offered by us on our websites, a more extensive processing additional personal data may become necessary. We generally ask for the consent of the data subject before processing personal data if the processing is not based on legal obligations.

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Routine deletion and locking of personal data
Rights of data subjects
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